Life sometimes calls for us to make decisions that may make us uncomfortable. Being a member of society requires that we stand up against certain actions and demand that more is done. There are times, when as human beings we are expected to do more to protect those close to us, those who can’t do more to protect themselves, those who are too young and too old and therefore depend on us to ensure they are taken care of and that decisions are made that will protect all members of society. Life requires that we make tough decisions, that we have strong opinions about matters regarding our safety and how criminals are dealt with. It sometimes requires that we ruffle some feathers and take steps that while we consider uncomfortable, will result in positive benefits for all. Sexual Assault is one of those topics we should all have strong opinions about, we should want all sexual deviants to be locked up and punished, we should want to support and advocate for those who are sexually victimized. We often only think about the things that we believe can happen to us or have happened to us, we tend to believe that sexual assault is one of those things we are immune to. None of us is immune to it, many have been victims of this crime and the number continues to rise. The statistics never adequately reflect the number of people who have been victims of forced or coerced sexual assault.

We believe that if we ignore or pretend that it doesn’t happen that we will not be affected and not have to make a choice, or take any action. The truth it that ignoring an issue doesn’t make it any less real, it doesn’t make it disappear and when it knocks at your front door not being supportive of someone who confides is you is never the answer. It takes a great deal of courage for a survivor of sexual assault to come forward and confide in someone, after they have been threatened and told no one will believe or help them. It takes a great deal of courage for a survivor to seek help only to find that those who should be helping, make them feel culpable in the crimes committed against them. It isn’t too much to ask to support one who comes forward, it isn’t too much to ask that we punish those who continuously commit these crimes. Sexual assault leaves scars both visibly and invisibly that take a great length of time to heal. Having support and being surrounded by individuals who believe makes the road to recovery a hell of a lot easier.

Allowing deviants to roam freely creates more victims, it puts more innocent and unsuspecting members of society at risk of being a victim of a sexual crime. It puts our sons and daughters are risk of having their lives turned upside down and their innocence forever taken. If you haven’t lived it I can’t adequately explain what one who is sexually assaulted goes through, I can’t adequately explain how their sense of safety and trust is forever ruptured. We can’t understand how they never look at life through the same lens again; how they see themselves but can’t merge the image in the mirror with the how they feel. I can’t explain the desire to constantly lock the doors and check to ensure that no one can come in. I can’t explain the need to be in control as every ounce of control is taken from you in that moment. I can’t explain how one waits for the other shoe to drop, how one wonders why this happened, what they did to deserve it, or how they could’ve prevented this. So having not lived it you will not understand how they feel or what they are going through but it doesn’t mean that you can’t support them, that you can’t stand up for them and put their needs first. Choosing the side of the survivor means admitting that this crime severely hurts those who fall victim to it, it means being willing to ensure that one who commits this crime is punished no matter what his relationship, occupation or stature in society. The lines should no longer be blurred when it comes to dealing with survivors of sexual assault or punishing criminals of this crime.

During the month of June we started conducting a study on sexual assault; with the hope of gauging how often it occurs, how often people tell and what they want to see done, among other things. We thank those of you who have come forward to speak with us thus far; the study is currently on a short break until the end of the year. For those of you willing to speak with us feel free to call or email and we will give you further information on the study and when it will be restarted. This is only the beginning; together we will make a difference.

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